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Rehabilitation & Treatment Centre
A specialised unit for the care and rehabilitation of post operation patients is provided by Privilege Centre of Living. Staffed by expert doctors and health care professionals, this unit contains the latest physiotherapy gadgets and machines, as well as in-house patient and treatment rooms. Our caring, qualified personnel spend one-on-one time with each and every patient to ensure they recover as fast and as fully as possible. The aim is to achieve a full recovery as well as a gradual social and professional integration for the patient.
Centre of Living
One of the criteria by which a civilization is judged is the degree of care it offers its elderly members and people with special needs. Our Centre is based on this principle, ensuring the best possible care for our elderly residents and patients. In order to ensure the best possible standard of living, our expertly trained and carefully selected staff will do whatever it takes to gain the trust of the people here, and keep them feeling safe, comfortable and well taken care of. Special attention, medical and physiotherapy benefits are also offered to the elderly residents of the Centre.
Medical Tourism
Privilege Centre of Living has been designed to offer the most pleasant and comfortable "home away from home" to travelling visitors. The area is easily accessible by wheel chair, and our beautiful swimming pool has a wide ramp allowing disabled people an easy way in and out.

Not only do we offer high quality services, but we also provide top of the range ergonomic fine furnishings which ensure the ultimate in comfort and accessibility. Our Centre has a clean, modern decor throughout, but still remains a hospitable and nurturing environment - both within and outside. We have put a lot of thought into our architecture and design, to create the ideal balance between old and new, history and technology, space and light. By focusing on balancing the senses and creating healing spaces, we hope that our guests with medical issues who are on vacation, as well as their families and travelling companions, will enjoy a pleasant and comfortable stay.

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